Saturday, April 14, 2012


Watch out for the newest and one of the most emotionally-filled drama series ABS-CBN has ever produced as of the present time….entitled “KUNG AKO’Y IIWAN MO” that will be seen on your T V screen on April 16 nationwide and on the TFC channel. This is one of a kind T V drama series that many Filipinos will surely relate to in terms of their personal lives… this story talks about a family whose father became an Overseas Filipino Worker, who left his loved ones in the Philippines to earn a decent living to sustain his family and to put his children in school….not minding the hardships, the loneliness that besets him...being far from his loved ones…..leaving his children at a very young age where his presence is needed the most. And what worse could it get that the father who labored so much to feed his family….will come back to his family in a a dead person. What a tragic event this is in the life of an OFW family that many Filipino families identified themselves with…for they, themselves have a family working abroad and went through the same fate exactly as the story in this T V drama series “KUNG AKO’Y IIWAN MO” tells us.

This T V drama story focuses on the love story of a second generation of an OFW family whose children were influenced by their own parents working abroad. In this teleserye you will see how Sarah, whose role is being played by Shaina Magdayao, who will do everything for love….to the point of swallowing her pride, and putting her reputation and self-respect on the line. Sharing with the same sentiment…is Mia, whose role is being played by Bangs Garcia, who is also from an OFW family, who is willing to sacrifice everything to win back the favor of his beloved Paul, whose role is being played by Jake Cuenca.

This newest Kapamilya Gold series is a gift of ABS-CBN to its viewers in celebrating its first year anniversary of Kapamilya Gold.

In this story, the T V audience will see a different Shaina Magdayao, Bangs Garcia and Jake Cuenca not only because of the mature role they played in this TV series, but more importantly by the way they act in a manner that only a mature or a veteran artist can do.  

Lastly, this drama series does not dissuade or persuade a Filipino from going abroad, but rather admonishing every Filipino to take all the necessary precautions in working abroad for their own safety and for their families that will be left behind.

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